Lighting at an airport can consume lots of energy, this is especially true for airports that are much larger in size. Either way, outdated lighting at an airport (inside or out) can consume a lot more energy than needed, causing higher overheads than desired.

By upgrading to LED airport lighting, you can realize the following benefits:

  • Reduce energy usage by up to 75%

  • Increase lighting lifespan

  • Improve light quality and avoid underlit areas

These are the main benefits that people consider when making the switch to LEDs at an airport. The only main downside is the fact that LED is a higher initial investment. Keyword there is investment. Thinking of the conversion to LED at your air field as an investment will allow you to view the bigger picture. By making the conversion, you will actually realize a positive ROI through energy reductions and longer lifespans by themselves.

Now, let’s get into each benefit listed above in a little more depth. This will allow you to understand the benefits of this technology and how they will directly apply to an airport building and field.

Reduce energy usage by up to 75%.

Airports can have a lot of lights depending on their size. An airport lighting system that is new and using LED technology will allow you to reduce energy consumption by up to 75% when converting away from lighting technologies like metal halide, HPS, and fluorescent.

This benefit is the number one reason why companies, businesses, governments, and yes; airports are converting to LED. The energy savings will allow you to realize a ROI on your investment to LED airport luminaires.

Increase lighting lifespan.

Since airports have a lot of talls lights, especially in hangars, they face a hefty maintenance fee to replace lights that burn out. By upgrading to LED, you will be able to realize a 2-3 time increase in lifespan for your airports lighting system which can seriously prove to reduce maintenance costs associated with replacing burnt out lights.

On top of that, you can reduce the number of times you have to buy replacement lights by 2-3 times as well since LED will outlast 2-3 luminaires of other technologies. This is the second major reason people that wins people over to LED because it too adds to the ROI you will get by converting.

Improve light quality and avoid underlit areas.

Flickering and buzzing lights can be annoying and highly distracting. Firstly, this makes your appeal to visitors lower because of the annoyance.

But it also brings a safety and security concern. If your lights are flickering out on the airfield, it could cause confusion and make visibility harder to notice. This, of course, has no place at an airport.


There you have it, an in-depth overview of all the benefits that an upgrade to an airport lighting LED system. Through the conversion, you will realize all of these benefits and more. It is now up to you to research more on the technology, see how to make it work for your facility, and work on implementing it.