The sports industry on both a national big league and local small high school team level are slowly starting to see the benefits that a lighting system full of LEd technology will bring some major benefit to their fields and place of game. Not only are they doing it for the energy savings, but also the benefits that include a better viewable game; which in turn allows the “fan” to have an overall much better experience at their game of choice.

Not only are stadiums and sport fields saving money by a reduction in energy consumption, but they are also realizing better quality of light benefits, along with a few others.

Let’s now discuss the benefits we talked about more in-depth, along with some of those other benefits that will seriously help you to making the decision on whether or not an upgrade to high mast LEDs is right for your field or not.

Reduces monthly overhead.

If you could reduce your stadiums overhead by up to 75% (associated with your lights), wouldn’t you at the very least look into it? What if LED could do that, and easily? Well, maybe not technically easy in regards to installation, but we are referring to “easy” meaning you can see these cost savings without much work, other than choosing LED in your stadium.

Older technologies which we commonly find in sports arenas include metal halide and high-pressure sodium. Since these are the most commonly found, we often talk about them when we talk about converting to LED at an arena. These are by far the most inefficient luminaires on the market, and by converting to LED high masts in your field, you will surely realize a (up to) 75% less energy usage in regards to your lights. For this reason alone is one of the main factors stadium managers look at and are attracted to when they discover this opportunity.

Lifespans are much longer.

Since high mast lights (the most common fixture at sport events) is so high in the air, it can get pricey to switch out just one burnt out light; let alone 20. Thus, by realizing a greater lifespan and less maintenance required lights by 2-3 or even 4 times longer; you can also realize a reduction in maintenance costs associated with lighting maintenance.

Not only will a longer lifespan reduce the amount of time you need to pay someone to switch out the burnt out bulbs, but it will also reduce the amount of time you need to buy replacement bulbs; which will too cost you most money overtime then it would of been to just invest in an LED sports lighting system to begin with.

Improve your fans experience through better quality illumination.

As a sports host, you must give the best experience to your guests as possible. And although lighting isn’t the only thing you can fix to make the experience that much better for visitors and fans, it surely can help you not only avoid complaints but also make visibility better.

Think, would you rather go to an underlit game where you can’t see as clearly? Or, would you rather for to a game that is bright and everything is visible as if it were day? We think the answer is obvious to that one.

On top of that, technologies such as metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) are susceptible to flickering and / or buzzing throughout their lifespan. This as you may or may not know, can cause annoyance and even irritability. Flickering and buzzing lights have no place in any application, and especially not where you have a large amount of people gathering to enjoy a game; not experience lights that make the experience near unbearable for some. Thankfully by converting to LED technology you will never face this issue as LEDs are built in a different way which doesn’t allow them to ever flicker or buzz.

Final words

The benefits of creating not only a better experience for visitors but also the massive energy savings that come along with it make this decision a whole lot easier. And although an LED system may cost 50% more initially, it will pay itself back in longer lifespans, less maintenance costs and more importantly, lower energy usage.

Considering the conversion should always include all of the above listed content along with the goals of your organization. Because without fans that always come back for more, your field will be pretty boring.